COIN DROP! 3oz Fighter Pilot Silver Coin for Sale

COIN DROP! 3oz Fighter Pilot Silver Coin for Sale

coin drop Mar 17, 2021

Big news, Believers! We have a very limited number of these awesome Fighter Pilot coins available and we're making them available in a new kind of coin drop. You may be used to coin drops happening during Monday night corporate training calls. Well, this one will be similar to that, and different too.

What's a Coin Drop?

An opportunity to purchase a specialty or collectible coin at a great price in a first-come-first-served sort-of race. An announcement is made over live video (or blog post) in which the coin is introduced, then a text message is sent out containing a code word needed to complete the checkout in your 7k Metals backoffice.

So, here's the coin we're dropping:

real heroes fighter pilot 3 ounce silver coin
3oz Silver Real Heroes Fighter Pilot Coin

Why should you want this coin?

We make movies about them. We write books about them. We tell their true stories. They’re fighter pilots and it takes someone with “the right stuff” to become a “top gun” in their world. This coin is the first in a new series called Real Heroes and we can all agree, the real men and women who fly fighter jets are exactly that.

With only 499 in the world like this one, it can only increase in value due to rarity and desireability. 3 ounces of .999 pure silver, in a 50mm round coin with black proof finish using smartminting technology to create an ultra high relief, partly polished honeycomb pattern and extremely detailed elements reaching to and even over the edge of the coin generate an unbelievably realistic picture.

How Can You Get One?

Just go to the 7k Selected (products) area of your site at the time the product goes live and check out quick!

Want to Know When This Coin Will Drop?

The 3oz Fighter Pilot Silver Coin will go on sale:

THURSDAY 3/18/2021 @ 8pm MT

Go to the Products and 7k Selected section of to snatch yours up.

Or click this button below:


*Reminder: We have a very limited number of these coins. You'll need to act fast to get yours! *

Real Heroes Coin Collection
This coin series is not about super heroes from comic book universes. It is about people who dedicate their passion, skills and lives to their jobs. This series honors these role models which are often forgotten but highly important for all of us.
See the entire Real Heroes Series Coins


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