Business Ethics

The Corporate Team and our Associates need to work together to ensure that 7k is a Legacy Company. Our potential to be a Legacy Company for generations to enjoy depends on our ability to strive for the highest standards of business ethics and to provide products with real value.

7k has  a dedicated team of Certified Compliance Professionals to help our Associates build a long-term business that operates within legal and ethical parameters. Our team works to establish clear policies, provide training, and actively monitor the marketing activities of 7k Corporate and its Associates to help ensure legal compliance and consumer protection.

With strong policies, focused training efforts, and constructive corrective actions when needed, our Compliance Team helps protect 7k and its Associates from legal and reputational risks. We believe in empowering our Associates so they can confidently promote 7k in a compliant and ethical way.

We encourage each of our Associates to take personal responsibility for their compliance efforts by becoming educated in, and familiar with, 7k’s Policies and Procedures and building a working relationship with our Compliance Team.

Click below to download a Compliance Cheat Sheet:

Report Unethical Behavior

If you have witnessed and/or have evidence of unethical behavior, or behavior that might violate 7k’s Policies and Procedures by one of our Associates, please contact our Compliance Team using the link below. We will treat the information you provide with respect and confidentiality. Reports against 7k Associates are taken seriously and assigned to a Compliance Team Member for follow-up and/or further investigation.

Contact the 7k Compliance Team Here:

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