Build Volume, Build Your 7k Business

Build Volume, Build Your 7k Business

7k Oct 31, 2023

So you’ve ranked up as a 7k Associate and you want to keep the momentum going. It’s important as you work to earn through the 7k Share Plan that you pay attention to both your team AND your volume—the points you earn that can become commission checks from 7k. There are a lot of ways to boost that volume and, in turn, bolster commission checks. Let’s review some of the ways you can build volume in your 7k business.

Focus on Customers

Yep, you heard us: CUSTOMERS, not Associates or Builders. It’s awesome to stumble on somebody who’s passionate about sharing and wants to run with you as part of your team right off the bat, but let’s be real: most people need to catch the vision before they’re ready to take that step. And some people just want to buy Gold and Silver. Both types of people can be invaluable parts of your 7k business. Don’t discount your customers! Our mission is to bring Gold and Silver to as many households as we can, not to force those who don’t want to share to do it anyway. Passion comes AFTER introduction and familiarity.

Teach Access Value

There’s an entire webpage on our site that teaches about the various perks that create value within 7k Customer Access Options: the AutoSaver, soundmoney®, Stack & Sell, Coin Drops, 7k Select releases, Collector’s Certification, 7k Health & Benefits, Loyalty Points, etc. When Customers are taught the real value of what 7k offers them, they tend to stick around. And the volume you earn as their sponsor when your Customers are happy and continue buying can be awesome boosts to your own volume. But as a company, we can’t skip over the part where we continue to help everyone understand and utilize the entirety of what’s at their fingertips. Once your Customers really get it and they’re using their access to its fullest potential, it really will be a win-win for both you and them.

Embrace Leadership

Okay, so what if your personally-sponsored Builders are on top of their businesses? Are they all where they want to be? Have they hit the goals they expressed to you when they first started with us? If not, then you’ve still got work to do. And after that, you still have their Customers and their Customers to help! When you take true responsibility as a leader, you’ll find that there is no end to the assistance you can provide when you look hard enough. Sharing the 7k message with new people is awesome, but don’t forget to be take care of those people once they’ve said yes! Continue to focus on bringing new people into your business all the while helping your current teammates hit theirs. . Don’t leave anybody behind! And teach your people to do the same. Once you or one of your Builders bring someone new into 7k, make sure that the new person gets where they want to go, be involved in their goals and dreams, and really get to know them. Once you’ve helped your teammates hit their goals, you’ll be a step closer to yours, and you’ll have changed lives in the process. That’s how 7k lifers are made.

Get on AutoSaver

If you’re not on the AutoSaver yourself, then not only have you not quite grasped what 7k is about, but you’re missing out on some serious volume. Automated precious metal asset stacking is unheard of anywhere else in the industry, and the value of stacking entire collections of collectibles is tremendous. Once you know this, you need to help your teammates and Customers to know it as well, and to see that the AutoSaver is the bread and butter of what we offer. Once they do, and you’re collecting points on every AutoSaver processed on your own, your Builders’, and your customers’ accounts once a month like clockwork, you’ll have what it takes to see true long-term sustainability inside your 7k business.

Buy Collectible Coins

Specifically Coin Drops and 7k Select releases are great options for collecting, because we put them together to highlight the coins with the best value, the most beauty or historical significance, and overall, the cream of the crop of coins. Our experts have already vetted the quality and value of these coins so that you don’t have to have doubts about sprinting for them—unless they’re not your thing, in which case we get it. But typically, the collectibles we release in special drops are going to be an asset to your stacks, and what’s even better is that you get points for them, too. Teaching your people to keep an eye out for any collectible that might be up their alley is going to earn you points as well when they purchase them, and you’ll also get the satisfaction of watching them build their stacks with valuable, beautiful treasures.

Volume, people—it’s no joke! This is how you’re going to pull out all the stops to earn commission checks and progress within your 7k business. It might take a little more work, a little more diligence, and involvement inside of your organization, but the gains will be well worth it. 7k is about helping people win, and when you understand and run after that goal, you’re going in the right direction. Remember: Customers first + Teach access value + Get on AutoSavers + Buy collectible coins + Embrace leadership = Volume. And volume IS THE KEY to being successful when building your 7k business.

INCOME DISCLAIMER: Median gross earnings for active 7k Associates in the United States is about $500 per year, excluding taxes and customary business expenses. Results vary and success is not guaranteed and requires time, skill, and hard work. For more information on what’s typical, visit


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