Associate Training with Zach Davis

Associate Training with Zach Davis

business Mar 30, 2021

“This sucks!” Yup, so goes the story of the champion. Do you know what his next statement is? “Embrace the suck”. They can’t control their circumstances, but they can control their attitude. Comfort is the price we pay for greatness. Every story of everyone who has accomplished great things has a common thread in the tapestry of their lives; ADVERSITY.

My question is what will you do with yours? Will you pay the price to get what you really want, or will you let the adversity you face be the damnation of your dreams? Adversity can either become the way, or impede the way. Ultimately, the choice is yours.

One of my favorite stories to illustrate this is about a king whose people had grown so and entitled. He was dissatisfied with this state of a­ffairs and hoped to teach them a lesson. The king set out to place a large boulder in the middle of the main road, completely blocking entry into the city. He hid nearby and watched with growing disappointment as subject after subject came to the impediment and turned away. The best of them tried half-heartedly before giving up while many openly complained or cursed the king or bemoaned the inconvenience, but none managed to do anything about it.

After several days, a lone peasant came to the town. He didn’t turn away as the others had. Instead, he strained and tried to push the boulder out of the way. After several minutes of pushing, he scrambled into the nearby woods and returned with a large branch that he had crafted into a lever and used it to dislodge the massive rock from the road.

Beneath the rock was a purse of gold coins and a note from the king which said: “The obstacle in the path becomes the path. Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition."

"The impediment to action advances action.
What stands in the way becomes the way."
Marcus Aurelius (Meditations)

The obstacle you are facing right now in life will become the way if you have the capacity and willingness to change the way you think and look for creative solutions to your problems. If you need a place to start your journey of self-reflection and development go check out the associate master class or the executive training package in your back office.

We love you and pray for your success! Thank you for joining our fi­ght to change the world.


Zach Davis



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