April 2023 Vault Report

April 2023 Vault Report

vault report Apr 1, 2023



03 - Coin Drop: Which ones did you get?

05 - SOUNDMONEY Is Still Sound

09 - Rank Advancements 2/15 - 3/15

14 - LAST CHANCE: Don't miss the event of the year!

15 - 7k SELECT: Coins and stories we love

17 - #STACKSONSTACKS: Some awesome stacks


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Labyrinth Riddle 2 oz Silver

Numismatic Icons Tortoise 5 oz Silver

Lost States of America McDonald 1 Silver

David 2oz Silver

Life of Roosevelt Teddy Bear 1/2 oz Silver

Hermes and Mercury 2 oz Silver


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Soundmoney Is Still Sound

The recent news about the regulatory takeover of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank demonstrates the fragility of our financial system. As do the following actions of the Federal Reserve in guaranteeing full payment—over the $250,000 FDIC-insured standard—to depositors of SVB and SB, and their increase from weekly to daily liquidation swaps with large central banks around the world.

But these events are a good reminder that we need to take an active role in protecting our assets, and that banks may not be the only place, or even the best place, to safely hold assets.

With high inflation eroding the value of fiat currency, rising interest rates taking more of our disposable income, and volatile markets already making us uneasy—and now the troubling news within the banking system—it is tempting to give in to fear. But we believe that there is reason for hope, instead.

No one knows what the future will bring…but we don’t have to be afraid. Now is the time to be confident. Now is the time for hope and opportunity. Don’t abandon your financial strategy—refine it! Talk with your financial advisor. They’ll tell you what you need to do with any stocks and bonds you might hold. They’ll advise you on what to do with your retirement planning, as well.

At 7k, we can help you with how Gold and Silver can fit into your Wealth Strategy.
Now is a great time to buy physical gold and silver. Now is a good time to take the extra savings you’ve been sitting on under your mattress, or in your bank account, and put it into something that has inherent value, something that has a proven history of solid returns.

While the past is no guarantee of future performance, gold and silver have a track record: no matter what happens in the market, no matter what happens with the banks, or inflation, or the spot price of physical metals; the gold and silver you buy—the precious metals you have at your home or in the 7k vault—will be there. It has inherent value. It will continue to have value, just like it has had over the past 3,000 years.

About Soundmoney "Stored Value"

7k and soundmoney™ wallet banks with a regional credit union and has no money on deposit with either Silicon Valley Bank or Signature Bank—and never has. However, given recent news, we've been in touch with the President of our financial institution and are staying in regular communication with our account representatives. We have no reason to believe that our credit union is facing any distress. On the contrary, we are told that our deposits are secure.
We are relying on our financial institutions to manage their assets and affairs responsibly, but anything dealing with cash currently runs through the financial system.

We will be optimistically hopeful, but no one can guarantee the safety of any bank deposits, except the depository insurance offered by FDIC and the National Credit Union Association, and even that has limits.

Some of our customers accumulate stored value (cash funds) in their soundmoney™ wallet for convenience to make future purchases. Customer funds held as stored value in soundmoney™ are co-mingled in a non-segregated custodial bank account on deposit with soundmoney's credit union.

But, within soundmoney™, customer funds are not separately FDIC-insured.
We remind our customers that soundmoney™ wallet is not a bank. Funds held at soundmoney™ are "stored value" and are intended to be used for the purchase of physical gold and silver. Having reasonable amounts in the wallet in order to make those purchases could make sense depending on an individual basis, but we discourage customers from accumulating large amounts of stored value in their soundmoney™ wallet—especially given the current economic environment.

For customers who already have large balances in their soundmoney™ wallet or who have concerns about the safety of their funds in their soundmoney™ wallet, we recommend they transfer their funds back to their own linked bank accounts, or to make a purchase of gold or silver with 7k, soundmoney™ wallet, or Stack & Sell.

The beauty of physical gold and silver is that no matter what happens with the banks, inflation, or markets, your physical holdings will either be securely in your possession, or safely stored in your private vault. Physical metals purchased from 7k are shipped directly to our customers. Graded coins purchased on Stack & Sell are shipped straight to buyers. Gold and silver assets purchased through soundmoney™ are transferred and stored in a secure, private vault, and are always available to be physically disbursed and shipped directly to vault customers upon request.

Today, we have the valuable experience of having easier access to information than anyone who came before us. And with that knowledge, 7k believes that there is a way that we can move forward with hope and confidence: by embracing the many and miraculous opportunities we have to educate ourselves, to prepare by establishing recurring income, and to utilize sound money and its long-lasting legacy to bolster and secure our savings.

Again, soundmoney™ wallet is not a bank and we discourage customers from accumulating more than they need to make purchases of physical gold and silver. Although 7k doesn’t offer legal, tax, or financial advice, we simply see that throughout history, peace of mind is a constant to those who put their trust in precious metals and other tangible assets. As current events and the dealers of fear do their best to scare us, we offer you an alternative: confidence and hope.

--7k Executive Team

7k Select

Collectibles We Love

The Wild Mongolia series released this exceptional 5 oz addition of the Mystic Wolf using an Obsidian Black Proof quality against minting techniques that are guaranteed to get a double take. Keeping with tradition, the Mystic Wolf scans its surroundings from two angles on the reverse of this coin while the snapping jaws on the obverse close in a snarl. All parts of this coin are sleek, gripping, and leave you hungry for more.

The man, the myth, the legend—Alexander the Great—is the subject of this Ancient Greece release, all done up on this pure gold coin! It took Alex less than 13 years to create a massive, Hellenistic empire. He tasted leadership early, left to lead the defense of his city at only 16! Going on to kick butt and take names until he was 33 years old, Alexander the Great led an influential life and left an even larger legacy.

The butt of every DC joke, but not the lamest guy around by a long shot...Aquaman! The steady loner swims the seas with no one but fish to talk to and people think he's weird? You would be too! But seriously, Aquaman gets a bad wrap for being the King of the Sea and able to communicate with every animal out there. He's versatile AND eco-friendly, what's not to like? Especially hunked-out on this 3 oz silver coin.

Before Philip II, Greek city-states had a free-for-all mentality about power, and his home of Macedon was not doing well. When it was overrun by Thebes, Philip was captured as a young'un and allowed to train with a Theban general. Big mistake on their part. He escaped, recaptured Macedon, and made his brother king using the military tactics he'd learned. Then he went on to rule himself, unite all of Greece under him, and sire Alexander the Great.

The Republic of Texas was liberated from Mexico with the victory by General Sam Houston and his troops at the Battle of San Jacinto. Upon joining the United States of America, Texas would become the big, bold state we all know today. But had Sam Houston and his men had their way, it would have gone by the name that inspired this 1 oz addition to the Lost States of America coin series... Jacinto.

The 2022 Year of the Tiger is celebrated on this addition to the Lunar Year series with an exciting, chromatic experience on five ounces of fine silver. Stunning artwork on both obverse and reverse are complemented by the collection's classic Swarovski crystal insert, in a zesty orange. Fortune favors the bold, and you acted boldly by snatching this coin!


There's nothing we love more than showing off our memebers who are working hard and stacking assets like a boss. This month, we're proud to be cheering on Andrew Reprieto and Lane VanderWaal. Congratulations on your stacks, and keep up the incredible work!

Got #stacksonstacks?

We want to see 'em!
We love to see our members' coin collections! Whether you're just getting started with numismatics or have literal #stacksonstacksonstacks, we're so excited for you to build your legacy with coins!

We'll keep featuring stacks we see on the 7k Exclusive Facebook group, so keep on sharing for a chance to be featured! Time to show off those #stacksonstacks!


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