2021 Winner Most Innovative Coin Announced

2021 Winner Most Innovative Coin Announced

coins Mar 1, 2021

The prestigious COTY awards have named a coin available from 7k as the Most Innovative Coin of 2021. You may have seen it on our site, the Yucatan Meteorite Crater - Dinosaur Extinction is a seriously cool coin.

The coin is dedicated to the extinction event of the dinosaurs. Its believed the impact crater is at today's Yucatan, Mexico. The crater is depicted on the coin. It features a glass inlay at the bottom of the crater, mimicking blue water and green land. An actual meteorite (Allende meteorite) from the same area is encased in the coin itself. On the coin is a special coat of arms showing a meteorite falling and a huge T-Rex as well. It is a 3oz pure silver coin with a limited edition of just 333 pieces.

As of this writing, we still have a few left in stock.

Click THIS LINK to get yours only from 7k.


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